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Hello, and thank you for choosing to visit my website :-)

I am returning from a long leave of absence, and will be doing readings again. I have also invited 2 of my good friends, Rachel and Thereasa, to provide you with more choices and opinions. I am very excited! As always, my prices are low and I will do my best to  help provide insight to your concerns and interests. I use paypal for your convenience, once I receive payment I will email you for your questions. A picture is very helpful to me, I do not need your full name or full date of birth. Please read the testimonies and don't hesitate to leave feedback. God Bless! 

****** PLEASE BE ADVISED!!! I work FULL-TIME as a Nurse, and I have a family. Performing readings is not my full-time job. I do my best to answer within 3-5 business days, but it can take longer (especially for more detailed questions). I do my best to keep you informed of my timeline, and if there are further delays I answer additional free questions.  I do my best to provide you will the most accurate readings possible, which I cannot do when I am exhausted and over-ran with my own life. Please understand this and DO NOT email me demanding answers within your timeline. I have provided full disclosure on this! Thank you!********

Simple Question Readings-Only $3.00

I offer Simple Readings with a direct answer. For example, TTC Month and Gender.  Once you make your purchase thru Paypal I will be notified. Once I am notified I will contact you for your information. I will need a name,  photo, and the question. Thank you so much! Don't forget to follow me on Facebook and leave a Testimony!

                            Detailed Answer Readings (Up to 5 Questions)-$6.00-$25.00

Detailed Readings provide in depth answers to your questions, and include  a free update :)
1 Question: $6.00 
2 Questions: $11
3 Questions: $16
4 Questions $20
5 Questions $25

1-5 Questions