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Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Devan, a natural born clairvoyant and empathic person. I don't care for the term "psychic" because I am not a fortune teller, more like a spiritual adviser. I have always been like this, there was never a dramatic event in life to trigger my abilities. In fact, at an early age I assumed that everyone could see colors around people or sense events before they happened. As I became older my abilities frightened me at first, but with the helpful guidance of a college professor, and the support of my friends and family I embraced my talents. While meeting in person, especially with the ability to touch, is the easiest way for me to "read" a person I discovered that with practice, a mere photograph allowed me to focus and access energy.

How Do I Do It?

I believe that energy defies all boundaries. When you are angry with someone, or stressed out at work your energy goes to all of these places. Perhaps you are frustrated with your boss, and you leave work but still can't shake the frustration. It's important to call your energy back, because it can linger. By looking at a photograph of someone I can visualize a color for his or her energy and call it to me (with permission of course) and than I can assess and interpret the energy. It's a bit of a challenging concept to grasp, but there is no special ritual or tool to access the information I need. In fact, even YOU could learn to call on energies! Of course, permission is always essential, and there are also ways to protect your energy from others. Interested? I am more than happy to share any knowledge :)

***Please Note*** I do not try to contact spirits. Sometimes I will sense them around, and I will tell you, but I do not try to contact them. I also do not cast spells or perform rituals. My faith in God and Jesus Christ is very important to me. I try to stay positive and avoid negative energies at all times. This is for both your protection and mine :) For any medical or legal consults, please see a doctor or appropriate legal counsel. Our services are for entertainment purposes only.

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Rachel and I’ve been a Seer my whole life. I have practiced Celtic Shamanism for over a decade which has now put me in a great position to help people with their spiritual problems. I do read tarots cards but my best strengths are in spiritual healing and advice. For example, are you surrounded with negative energy? I can help you by giving you advice about how to cleanse your aura and the place that you live. Do you feel like you’re haunted? I can help here too by approaching the problem from a rational standpoint and helping you attain comfort and freedom in your home. Are you suffering from illness? Let me suggest herbs, teas and oils that can help.

*Disclaimer – I cannot and do not treat illnesses. All advice is a suggestion and you should contact your doctor in all cases of illness. Never put my advice above the advice of your doctor.